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Our Products

Featuring our exclusive product lines from Styled by Kait, Nuorikko and J Hilburn. Now all men and women can truly find their own personal style with the array of clothing options we offer - from ready-wear to made-to-order, we have your personal style needs covered.

Inspired by Kait’s Closet

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The Kait Design Collection is inspired by (and sometimes directly copied from) Kait’s actual wardrobe.

This collection is built on Kait’s theory of mixing “special basics” with statement pieces for a wardrobe that is effortless, timeless, and quintessentially evocative of the wearer. She believes this formula is the highest level of authenticity in personal style.

We’re not advocating you dress yourself head-to-toe in Kait Design. We’re just saying that using Kait’s own theory of wardrobing with intention is a great place to start with your very own authentic personal brand.