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Boom Your Brand

Our Boom Your Brand Course Series is OVER 12 HOURS of hands-on, in-depth strategies & tools that will teach you to create your own authentic personal brand and make a huge impact on your life & career through intentional personal presentation. 

Do You Know How to Make Meaningful Connections?

Do You Have A Plan to Reach Your Sales Goals?

Can You Realize Your Potential?

This is Personal Branding done differently. If you haven’t taken steps to create an authentic Personal Branding strategy, then you are leaving money, happiness, and your potential untapped and unrealized! This course is designed to help those from all backgrounds, skill-sets, and walks of life find their purpose, create a personal branding strategy to fulfill that purpose, and execute it with intention and authenticity.


What are you waiting, for??
Boom Your Brand, boost your confidence, and create a measurable impact on your life and your career!


“I've always thought I needed to look and act a certain way to land my dream job. But, the reality is I just needed to own what I thought of myself and revel in choices I've made because that is who I am and what makes me feel the most confident. I didn't make this realization easily, Kait pushes you outside of your comfort zone. But with her help I finally have the edge & power to reach my goals.”

-Danielle L, Boom Your Brand Student

The Boom Your Brand Episodes

Episode 1 - Brand Identity vs. Authenticity

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How It Works

Kait’s Boom Your Brand program is built around her 3 Course Series, designed help you unlock your potential and your purpose. Learn how to brand yourself with intention & authenticity, and you’ll be amazed at the results you get from this series of over 12 hours of hands-on learning & development!

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Level 1:
Develop Your Brand Strategy

Your Personal Brand changes the way you think! Find Your Purpose, Unlock Your Potential, and Develop Your Personal Branding Strategy. Learn the science behind branding yourself intentionally & develop the techniques necessary to create a successful personal brand.

Create a strategy based on Kait’s proven tools and real scientific studies to present yourself powerfully and with intention. Achieve complete confidence and control over your personal image. You WILL experience more confidence, influence, and SUCCESS in your life!

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Level 2:
Build Out Your Brand

Build the actual representation of the brand that you developed in Level 1, including wardrobe, physical presentation, and demeanor. Learn to take control of the impression you are giving to the world around you, and integrate the tips, tricks, attitudes, and ideas you need to show everyone WHO you are and WHY you are unique.

Take control of every room you enter. Create your own success with well-executed presentations, meaningful conversations, and more confidence in who you are what you represent!

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Level 3:
Tell Your Brand Story

Once you have mastered the branding and sales strategies you’ll use to achieve results, you need to tell your story, cohesively, across all channels in order to achieve long-term success. Learn to be consistent and authentic across every point of interaction, from print, to digital & social media, creating trust in everyone who “meets” you in person or online.

Create a highly responsive audience, online and offline. Achieve measurable growth in both revenue and business prospects by using your personal brand to influence your network!

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Are You Ready to Unlock Your Purpose, Intention, & Authenticity?

You WILL Make More Meaningful Connections!

You WILL Make More Sales!

You WILL Realize Your Potential!

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