Punch Up Your Look

I have so many people ask me to give my "top tips" for how to dress. This is something that, as a rule, I don't have hard and fast rules for. What we do with our clients is focused on helping you find your own personal style and build out your authenticity and confidence by making your own rules.

I do, however have some general tips that I pretty much insist all of my male clients follow, and build on to create their own style. Do these, and you'll be on your way to a great, polished and punched up personal style.

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Top 3 Tips for Men's Style:

Loved it? Us too. This is where the impetus and the love for our custom menswear brand, J.Hilburn comes from. Its so easy to create a personalized style, and the quality and fabrics are beyond compare.

And those socks I mentioned? You really should get yourself a great collection. Read on for a few more tips on that subject.

My #1 Sock Rule: Color

You've probably heard a lot of advice about sock color. Traditionally, you want socks to blend into your outfit – but many fashionistos out there like to make socks their pop of color. Ultimately, you have more room for expression when it comes to socks than you may have been told. Just make sure the color matches something else in your outfit.

If you are going for the traditional, blended-in look, the best rule of thumb is to match your pants to your socks. They don't need to be a perfect match – a few shades lighter or darker is fine.

DON'T match your socks to your shoes – this confuses the eye and makes your legs appear shorter. 

Patterned socks can make an outfit subtly unique. Make sure they complement – but don't exactly match – any other patterns you're wearing.

Try these brands for some incredible patterns and style:



Los Angeles-based startup MeUndies has changed the way people buy underwear by making it fun with hundreds of patterns (you can even get matching pairs for your partner) and super easy with subscription box services.



Founded in Los Angeles in 2014 by brothers Boris and Albert Vaisman, Soxy's goal is to allow guys to stand out from one another, all through the power of socks.


Ministry of Supply

Ministry of Supply Atlas Dress Socks are unlike any other pair you've worn. Designed to perform like gym socks, while fitting the dress code of a corporate office, the socks are both comfortable and business appropriate.


Happy Socks

Happy Socks is all about having a good time. From polka dots and stripes to palm trees and strawberries, you'll find a plethora of unique designs for your feet at around $12 a pair. 


Jimmy Lion

The brand offers an insane variety of patterns and they're more affordable than any brand on this list. For $40, you can create your own custom four pack of Jimmy Lion socks.