Also known as “MY STORY”

I've been styling, branding, designing, and marketing my own and other people's businesses for almost 15 years...and I can tell you that its really only in the past few months that I've taken the most valuable lesson I've ever taught or learned to heart...


I wish with all my heart I had found the right mentor to make me do it sooner!

Even as a professional with many years of experience, I'm telling you it has made an incredible difference!

In the space of only a few months, I was able to make a truly incredible and unprecedented change in my life. I started seeing real business growth. I began to enjoy every moment of my business and my life…even the hard ones. Why?? Because every moment I work in this business supports my ability to bring something that is powerful and meaningful to the world around me. It is what I was meant to do and it feels truly incredible!

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Let’s go back to the “before”

I have been a “high-performance machine” for my entire life. Valedictorian. Summa Cum Laude. Honors Student. President of this club and that charity. Promotion after promotion, skill after skill, racked up and added to my resume like it was going out of style. But I was so miserable I could never enjoy or even build off of those successes because I never stopped looking for the next hurdle to train for. I never stopped comparing myself to other people around me, and feeling like I was coming up short.

You see, by focusing only on the metrics, and the results of what I was doing, even with all of my drive and expertise, I was missing that last final component that takes a brand from just a successful business, to an impactful and impressive growth machine. I was missing the component that takes a person from existing to thriving.


And guess what, I'm not unique!

This is something that almost no one can do on their own, and without it, I guarantee you're going to be stuck in the exact same cycles and income levels for YEARS, or even a lifetime (just like I was)!

What FINALLY put me on the road to true happiness and success in my life, my business, my marriage… was a mentor who helped me to see beyond the "metrics" of success, and actually find and live my mission, authentically!

Authenticity is the key to success. Without it, I don’t care how much you spend, or what guru you follow, you will not reach your goals.

The best part:

These are the teachings that are at the core of Boom Your Brand.

That's right, I'm taking everything I've successfully learned and executed in my career marketing, selling, and making things look great, and combining it with the real "secret" and the deep personal work that will actually get you where you want to go (and help you be truly, deep down in your gut happy and confident along the way).

So, let’s break it down:

Authenticity is highly valued. We don’t like or trust someone who comes across as phony or false

Websters defines Authenticity as “the Quality of Being Authentic”. I like this word, quality, because it starts to define what it means to actually BE authentic. Without integrity, quality, and truth behind your story and your mission, it is not real and you won’t be fulfilled within it.

People can be committed to and passionate about lots of things, but this by itself is not enough. Authenticity is more than when someone believes in what they say or acts in a way that is consistent with their beliefs.

True authenticity is more than passion. Inauthentic people are equally capable of being passionate about what they say or think they believe in.

Authenticity is about owning yourself, and having the courage to live your life in support of what you truly believe in. Here is where you find your growth, and your happiness.

Check out Episode 1 of my Boom Your Brand series, where I break this down in even more detail:

If you want change…if you want success…this is the way to get it. I’m passionate about it, because I’ve lived it both ways, and I know that its much less about doing it “right” than it is about doing it with authenticity.

You owe it to yourself. What are you waiting for??